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Gel Diets

Water, an essential nutrient

For the health and well-being of the animal, just as for the good conduct of the trials, water is an essential nutrient. It can be distributed in either liquid or gel f orm. This latter is a SAFE technical solution which i s available under the name of Gel Diet. This water diet allows for the proper level of hydration needed f or stressed, sick or weakened animals, or simply during their periods of transportation. Some animals might even lose their ability to take in sufficient quantities of nourishment, to get to the feeders or even to gnaw on the feeds. By virtue of their composition, t he Breeding, Transport and High Fat Gels Diets also provide the necessary nutrients. The Gel Diet is,
then, the ideal nutritional solution and makes the long-term feeding of fragile races, of an imals coming out of surgical operations, possible, as well as those developing certain kinds of pathology… The Gels Diets contribute to preserving young litters that would otherwise be difficult to feed with solid nutrients.
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