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Gas Anesthesia

The New Ugo Basile Gas Anesthesia machine is a compact, modular and reasonably-priced system, intended to match the highest technical requirements of animal labs that do not compromise on quality. Typical gas anesthesia procedures involve an induction phase and a maintenance phase, which require at least: - Flow-meter and Vaporizer - Induction box and mask breathing circuit - Chemical scavenger or flow hood The unique digital flowmeter, coupled to non-refurbished vaporizers result in an innovative yet sturdy and reliable system to anesthetize animals of virtually any size (even horses!) and up to 6 animals simultaneously. A wide range of components and accessories, most of which can be added in a scalable manner, making the system modular and with an excellent value for price, and enabling the researcher to customize and expand the anesthesia system upgrading from a basic (flowmeter and vaporizer) to a full system (with induction boxes, breathing circuits with masks of any size, switch valves, delivery systems for multiple animals, active and passive scavengers, etc.) The blue 4 mm thick aluminum rack has a highly resistant paint to protect against stains from aggressive anesthetic liquids & solvents. Two universal attachment block are mounted on the back, to connect the device easily to any rail or mobile floor model anesthesia rigs of sizes 25x8 mm up to 35x10mm.

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