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Custom Diet

With more than 55 years of solid experience, SAFE, is a world leader specialised in laboratory animal diets for the pharmaceutical industry and is present right across the board in the professional world of research. SAFE is an independent French company and actively engaged on all five continents. To complete its classic range of products, SAFE offers you a special service geared to your own Custom Diets requirements.

A specific diet for each of your research programmes The diets formulated on the basis of SAFE standard diets (A03, A04, 112, etc.) allow you to apply a low and controlled level for certain elements, without necessarily depleting the diet (Potassium, Sodium, Fats, etc.). They can also be enriched with target nutriments (Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Cholesterol, etc.). These special diets can be easily compared to a standard diet and can even be certified. To obtain high-level of reduction in elements, the diet has to be reconstituted on the basis of purified raw materials. These purified diets also make it possible to obtain high fat, hypercholesterolizing diets…

The formulae are also customised and it is possible to:

•Enrich the highly reduced diets by adding targeted materials and by using different sources,

•Incorporate a natural raw material in a purified diet,

•Offer the feed in granular, paste, liquid or gel form.

•Depending on the protocol, the control formula may beeither a Purified Diet or else a standard diet.


Do you have any special needs?

We can put together the diet that best answers your own needs. A Custom Diets team is there to listen to you. According to your needs, we will advise you on the solutions for formulations and the diet presentation format that is best suited to your requirements.



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