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AIROCIDE – A GREEN TECHNOLOGY The NASA-developed AiroCide technology uses innovative various pathogenkilling techniques based primarily on photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) to destroy highly harmful airborne microbes. AiroCide, the air improvement system is an exclusive NASA technology product that eliminates rather than trapping the contaminants. It effectively kills all airborne biological contaminants. A titanium dioxide photo catalyst is deployed in the oxidation process and these active elements oxidize volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fungi, mould, organic odour, etc. and kill and decompose pathogens. Airocide qualifies as a green technology which does not generate ozone. It is registered as an FDA Class II medical device. It is environment-friendly with low maintenance and low energy requirements as it was built for use in space. It is ETL & CE approved. This technology eliminates particles of any size; even particles smaller than one micron which are important to eliminate because they make up 99 percent of the particles in the air that can penetrate deep into the lungs.

It can be used in:

• Animal Facilities

• Laboratories

• Offices

• Operation Theatres

• Intensive Care Units (ICUs)

• Organ Transplant Rooms

• Neonatal care

• Patient Waiting Areas

• Pathology Labs

• Blood Banks

• Patient Rooms

• Emergency Rooms


• Ambulances

• Any area where Indoor Air Quality is of concern

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