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Animal Watering

Edstrom is capable of providing water to practically every animal in the

vivarium. Whether you have mice, rats,dogs, guinea pigs, non-human primates, hogs, birds, cats, or rabbits, we have drinking valves to suit the species. Whether a recirculation or flushing each Edstrom Automated Watering System is individually engineered to deliver consistent, high quality, variable-free drinking water to all of your animals. Here’s how it works:


1. The Edstrom solution starts with superior water treatment and


2. The treated water is then transported through 316 stainless steel piping

     to each animal room.

3. Next, water flows into cage rack manifold piping and is accessed by

    animals through a drinking valve.


To get a drink, animals simply bite, lick, or nose the stem of the valve and water flows out at a controlled rate appropriate for the species. When the animal releases the stem, water flow immediately stops. Edstrom continuously leads the industry with drinking valve innovations that ensure animals and cages stay dry. The unique, patented design of the Edstrom shielded drinking valve is used to water millions of mice and rats in ventilated cages. Proven time and time again, these premier valves have an exceptional record of reliability and are easy for animals to use.

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