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Sipper Sack

Flexible and user-friendly, Sipper Sack utilizes a disposable, sterilized, plastic sack and a reusable, autoclavable, stainless steel drinking valve to water laboratory animals.

Conveniently filled at the point-of-use, the system performs in-room, on-demand sack filling in the change hood's controlled environment. The compact filler fits easily in the change hood, and the user can customize the fill volume using simple, intuitive controls. While the Sipper Sack is filling, the animal technician performs the cage change. If you need to medicate the water, just inject water-soluble medications into the fill port prior to inserting the valve. Next, place the Sipper Sack into the cage, just as you would a water bottle. The wire bar lid is fitted with a liner to protect the Sipper Sack from gnawing animals. When you perform the next cage change, simply remove the Sipper Sack and pull out the valve before disposing the bag.

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