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Product Detail

Rodent Treadmill NG



COMPACT AND USER-FRIENDLY: test settings & monitoring controlled by the attached electronics and managed on the touch-screen.

“Exercise is a multifactorial activity that affects virtually every organ and tissue in the body. Not only does exercise contribute many health benefits, but lack of exercise is implicated in many chronic health problems. As evidence continues to accumulate concerning the impressive range of health benefits that exercise confers, biomedical researchers have increasingly become interested in conducting systematic studies of exercise to further define those benefits” (from Resource Book for the Design of Animal Exercise Protocols, APS, Feb 2006) Ugo Basile introduces an original TREADMILL for rats and mice. The same device is suitable for tests on either rats or mice, by simply replacing the lane assembly. Our model incorporates a shock grid at the back of the treadmill to deliver a mild electric shock, when an aversive stimulus is required. The running-lane assembly can be manually tilted from -25° to +25°.

Main Features

SPEED: from 3 to 100m/min, in steps of 1m/min

MODES: constant, accelerating, custom ramps

SLOPE: positive (uphill) or negative (downhill), from -25 to +25°

SHOCK: from 0 to 2mA (in 0.1mA steps), included

CONTROLS: 4”3 touch-screen to set and monitor the test

X-PAD SOFTWARE: brand new, user-friendly version, to set the experiment and manage the results

DETECTION: via incorporated electronic circuit automatically detects speed & absolute and relative distances


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