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Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer


The Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer has been designed to automate the assessment of “touch sensitivity” on the plantar surface of rats or mice and comes ready to work with both Mice and Rats.  It is known by some as the Electronic Von Frey or Plantar Von Frey instrument, but differently from Von Frey devices, Latency time, and Actual Force at the time of paw withdrawal reflex are automatically detected and recorded.  

A movable force actuator is positioned below the plantar surface of the animal and the desired force and force speed (ramp) is applied, as preset by the operator.

A Von Frey–type 0.5mm filament exerts increasing force, until the animal twitches its paw.
The new model encompasses:
-          a movable touch-stimulator unit, well proven in previous model, complete with filament actuator and adjustable angled-mirror
-          a microprocessor controlled electronic unit, of new design provided with graphic display, internal memory for data storage, USB key and optional printer
-          a large testing surface (perforated metal platform)
-          a new modular animal enclosure, offering from 3 to 12 spaces, convenient to hold rats and mice

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