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Passive Avoidance - Step through - New Model


The Passive Avoidance Set-Up (step-trough method) by Ugo Basile, is an efficient and reliable insturument fo the classic Passive Avoidance Test .  Multiple configurations can be controlled by the NEW  electronic with touch-screen, which encompsses a precision 8-pole shocker.

Passive Avoidance Test is used to assess memory function based on the association formed between a specific environmental context, which the animal learns to avoid, and an aversive stimulus, represented by a mild foot shock. The tests are conducted in a two-compartment apparatus, where one is dimly lit and preferable to a rodent, and the other is brightly lit.

Ugo Basile Passive Avoidance set-up instrument basically consists of a Controller, and a Cage divided into two compartments by a partition which embodies a sliding door. The tilting floor ensures a simple and relaible detection mechanism to score the animal’s movement across the two compartments.

The Programming/Recording Unit, encompasses all controls, incorporates a constant-current high precision 8-pole shocker, and manages data acquisition: data are stored insite the unit and can be downloaded via the USB key provided as standard, for further processing via Excel, Access, etc.

The Unit, which incorporates a 12” touch-screen, manages both Passive and Active Avoidance Tests. Up to 4 cages can be connected to the same Controller. If more than one cage is connected, an expansion box 40500-005 is required for each additional cage.

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